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Світлина від Elena Shyringovskaya.

This is a story about super-duper event.

I visited the event in february and I liked it so much and promised to write feedback for sure. But I waited for something maybee an announcement of a next event.

So Вячеслав Никулин is a PHP developer, but he’s a developer who can talk and explaine very well. He’s ready to listen and answer on stupid questions from recruiters, he thinks that there are no stupid questions at all. I look for developers more than 10 years and I thought that it was not easy to surprise me by information about back-end technology. But Вячеслав was able to structure and explain the material that a picture in my mind began to clear up. And it’s not about only back-end but and about front-end.

Nataly Krasnova is an inspirer  and a producer of this project, she ask right questions in right time and emphasize importent points and translate from developer language to recruiter language.

These guys became a excelent tandem and I plan to visit all their events. I rarely go to events for recruiters because I’m tired of endless bla-bla-bla for a lot of money. HR Campus isn’t such a case. I think this project is the best one on the market of ukrainian education for IT – recruiters. I sorry so much because this course had not appeared earlier, it could have save a lot of energy and forces .

In short I’m going to go again, who is with me?

Elena Shyringovskaya about Backend + PHP + practice

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